Frquently Asked Questions


Question 1. How can you help me reach my investments goals?

We have been in the financial markets for for over 20 years. Our knowledge and experience combined will help you reach your goals.


Question 2. Do you provide training and education?

Yes.  We teach you how to navigate the financial markets through our 2 weeks educational training program.  This program is appropriate for individual or professional traders interested in managing their own retirement portfolios.  To enroll, visit here


Question 3. What does your mentorship program cover?

Our monthly mentorship program includes 1-1  virtual Coaching  twice a week, daily stock watch list, and access to our chat room where you can receive alerts about stock and option trades guaranteed to give you 50% to 200% profit each market day.  The mentorship is good for beginners and advanced traders alike.  The program will teach you best strategies to beat the market and broaden your knowledge on technical analysis.  We recommend 1 year duration, but not compulsory.  To enroll, click here