Check our three subscription services details below:


(1.) Monthly Subscription Program

With our 1-1 room program, we believe traders require a special approach.  This program will help you navigate through changing market conditions and give you the technical and fundamental analysis of the market's direction.  

At stocks pastor,  we provide guidance for a wide selection of products such as daily stock watch list, Options and ETFs trade alerts with entry and exit.  If you are new to trading and need assistance with stikes, entries, and exits with direct communication on trades.

  Click here to enroll in our Monthly 1-1 program.  ( $499.99 Monthly) Best choice for new traders with little options experience.


(2.) Chat room access for daily stocks and options alerts

 Our  $SPY room access will give you a trading opportunity on $SPY options daily.  This room is for experienced day traders only.  You choose your strikes and expirations based on premarket support and resistance alerts.   

 Subscribe here for our daily chat room access.  ($149.99 Monthly)   Not ideal for new traders. Only experienced traders


3. $1k to $1 million trade challenge room:

$1k to $1 million trade room gives traders an opportunity to grow small accounts from as little as $1k to $1 million, using day and swing options trades.  It requires patience and suitable for working-class traders.  Set and forget with potential profit of 20% to 100% per trade.  If you are interested in this room, click the link below to sign up.

For our  $1k to $1 million trade challenge subscription, subscribe here 

4-week Classroom training

Our two -week classroom training on stocks and options trading strategies.  The lessons cover all short term trading strategies used by smart traders to beat the financial markets with 99% success rate. Class limited to one trader at a time. In-person training with a flexible time schedule and two weeks duration.

 To enroll for this program click here  ($4,999.00 One time payment.)  Great deal for traders interested in managing their retirement portfolios.